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South Hook LNG Can Now Take Imports From More Sources

South Hook LNG is the busiest terminal for liquefied natural gas in the UK, and now it’s looking at ways in which it can widen the sources it receives its supply from, according to a report by Kallanish Energy.

The news provider noted that a technical modification has been made to its network entry agreement, which will now enable it to import LNG from a wider range of sources.

Under the new agreement, South Hook LNG can accept LNG with a higher oxygen limit than in the past. This means it could soon accept a greater number of imports from other sources, aside from the Qatari gas that it’s been importing since it was fully commissioned in 2010.

In the proposal filed by South Hook LNG’s operators, they described the previous oxygen limit as “too restrictive”, adding that this would make it difficult for the facility to “meet the composition of future cargoes”.

According to Qatar Petroleum, ExxonMobil and Total, who jointly operate the South Hook LNG terminal, this change represents “enhanced gas security of supply requirement”.

“The UKCS decline, Groningen production cuts and the closure of Rough long-range storage facility are all resulting in an increase in GB’s gas import dependency,” the organisations explained.

Imports of LNG in the UK increased considerably in March and April following the cold spell of weather the country experienced at the end of winter and into spring this year. Between 7 March and 7 April, 11 ships unloaded LNG in the UK, compared to just seven delivering such cargo in the four months through February.

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