Downloads | Motherwell Tank Gauging

MTG 8900d | Radar Gauge
High Accuracy Tank Radar Gauges - Non intrusive with auxiliary inputs for temperature, density and water interface.

MTG 2800i | Servo Tank Gauge
High Accuracy Servo Tank Gauge. With auxiliary inputs for temperature, and alarm I/O. Integral density profile and water interface detection (Option)

MTG Vibrofork 63
Vibrating Fork Liquid Level Switch Piezo electric self validating failsafe mechanism, No floats, no padlocks

MTG Multi-Spot Thermometer
Multiple Element Spot Thermometer for Measurement of temperature across a range of heights

MTG mFlex TDR Guided Radar
Radar Level Gauge Intrusive Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) or Guided Radar

Multiple Element Thermometer combined with water interface sensor.

MTG Diamond Tank Gauging System Software
DIAMOND TANK GAUGING SYSTEM is a software solution for the monitoring and control of bulk liquid storage tanks

MTG Averaging MRT
Multiple Element Thermometer for True Average Temperature Measurement

MTG mPuls 62 Datasheet

Mulltiple Spot Thermometer Datasheet

Multiple Averaging Thermometer Datasheet

Temperature and Water Interface Probe Datasheet

MTG SILGuard Tank Overfill Prevention System

MTG mPuls 62 Datasheet

Explosion Proof Float Switches

Explosionproof Checkable Float Switches

Weatherproof float switch

Tank Blanketing