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UK LNG Imports Increase


The volume of liquefied natural gas (LNG) being imported to the UK has significantly stepped up in recent weeks.

In total, 11 ships unloaded their cargo in the UK between 7 March and 7 April. By way of comparison, the country had just seven deliveries of LNG via ship in the four months through February.

Among the sources of the LNG arriving in the UK are Egypt and the US. In fact, the inaugural cargo from the second US facility to export shale gas was shipped to the UK last month.

The port in Maryland which shipped the shale LNG is almost one-third closer to the UK than its counterpart on the Gulf Coast, which was the first location in the US to export natural gas.

The UK’s rising demand for LNG imports comes at a time of year when demand from Asia, which has been very active in importing the fuel, starts to drop off. The Bloomberg report noted that the UK became more reliant on supplies from Norway and Russia this winter as a result of the rise in Asian demand for the fuel.

There are only three LNG terminals in the UK, the smallest of which is Dragon in Wales. This one has been particularly busy, receiving three shipments in the first week of April alone. The news provider noted that the last time it received this volume of fuel was in 2011.

Energy Live News recently noted that imports of LNG around the world are expected to hit record levels this year, with demand for this fuel predicted to reach 305 million metric tonnes by the end of 2018.

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