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Over 150 Years Manufacturing Experience

Motherwell Tank Gauging

Motherwell Tank Gauging Limited is the UK’s only manufacturer of custody transfer tank gauging systems and overfill prevention systems and supplies a complete range of technologies as the worlds only one stop storage tank solutions company with services world-wide.

Company History

Motherwell Tank Gauging can trace its manufacturing history back to the year 1859 when the Bold Iron Works was established by William Neill & Son Ltd in St Helens, England. The company specialised in equipment for Chemical Factories and later for Oil Storage Installations and Oil Refineries. Under the name of Neill-Varec, the company manufactured tank level measuring devices, pressure relief valves and other tank instruments and fittings. The Company later joined the Capper-Neill Group before becoming a member of the Motherwell Bridge Group of Companies in 1984 it was subsequently the subect of a management buyout in 2003.


The company is today a wholly owned subsidiary of Motherwell Tank Holdings Limited and specialises in :

  • Custody Transfer Tank Gauging Systems

  • SIL Certified Overfill Prevention Systems

We are proud to be counted as the supplier of choice to an extensive list of oil and refining majors the world-over.

Our tank gauging systems are designed and manufactured in the UK and supported throughout the world by our team of Product Engineers and our international Network of Agents.

If you would like to know more about our tank gauges and other products and services please contact us.