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High Accuracy Radar & Servo Gauges | Mechanical Gauges

When you are ready to upgrade your existing tank gauging equipment, we can provide a single piece or a whole inventory management system. We understand not all applications demand the highest accuracy; this is why we have two ranges of radar, servo and automatic level gauges that are suitable for all applications.

 At Motherwell Tank Gauging it is essential for day to day operations to ensure that each storage tank is working within safe working limits and that tank capacity is being fully utilised. All solutions from Motherwell Tank gauging are optimised to provide high performance to ensure that the operator is kept in touch with tank movements.


  • Radar Gauges
  • Servo Gauges
  • Automatic Level Gauge
  • High Pressure Radar Gauge
  • High Pressure Servo Gauge
  • Temperature Probes
  • Combined temperature and Water Sensing Probes
  • Valve Control

Overfill Protection:

  • Vibrating Tuning Fork Type Level Sensor
  • Level Detection Radar
  • Float Operated High Alarm
  • SIL2 Certified Systems

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Radar Tank Level Gauge - Radar Level TransmitterRadar Tank Level Gauge - Radar Level TransmitterCustody Tansfer Level Gauge with inputs for TemperaturemPuls Radar Level Gauge | level transmittermPuls Radar Level Gauge | level transmittermPuls radar gauges provide level measurement to an accuracyMotherwell Tank High Accuracy Tank Servo GaugeMotherwell Tank High Accuracy Tank Servo Gauge2800i Tank Servo gauge is designed for use in custody transfer tank2570 Mechanical Float Level Indicators2570 Mechanical Float Level IndicatorsThe MTP 2570 Series Low Pressure Automatic Float type level Indicator2580 High Pressure Float Gauge2580 High Pressure Float GaugeFloat operated instrument that gives accurate, continuous measurementTemperature and Water InterfaceTemperature and Water InterfaceTMultiple Averaging, Multiple Spot and Single Spot TemperatureTankside Valve ControlTankside Valve ControlIntegrated Control and Monitoring Solutions for the remote controlTank Gauging System by Motherwell Tank Gauging Tank Gauging System by Motherwell Tank Gauging Scaleable PC-based Level gauging system for oil terminals refineries