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Dredger To Be Converted To Dual-Fuel LNG/MGO

Damen Shiprepair and Conversion has revealed that it’s won a contract to convert a dredger to a dual-fuel capability, combining LNG and MGO.

This will be the first such conversion to take place in Europe. The vessel in question is a 8,500 square metre trailing suction hopper dredger and will change from being solely propelled by diesel-electric burning MGO, to being able to use LNG as well.

The EU is supporting an initiative to encourage LNG propulsion for short sea vessels that are travelling along the European Atlantic coast.

GIE Dragages-Ports is the firm that’s contracted Damen to carry out the work, with some of the funding provided by a subsidy from the European Commission’s Innovation and Networks Executive Agency.

The aim is to prove the cost effectiveness of this kind of conversion and of using LNG as a fuel for this kind of ship.

GIE Dragages-Ports is aiming to lower its maintenance requirements and fuel bills, to help optimise costs.

Jean-Pierre Guellec, CEO of the firm, said: “We hope that this conversion will demonstrate to other short-sea vessels the benefits of conversion to LNG and mark the first stage of the development of an LNG bunkering network on the Atlantic coast of mainland Europe.”

Some parts of Europe have already started increasing their gas storage facilities, with the Oiltanking Antwerp Gas Terminal announcing earlier this year that it will double the capacity of its butane gas storage facility.

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