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Turkey Plans To Increase Gas Storage

Turkey’s energy and natural resources minister Berat Albayrak recently announced that the nation plans to increase both its gas storage capacity and the capacity of its daily natural gas transmission system.


Hurriyet Daily News reported on the announcement, which Mr Albayrak made at the presidential session at the 22nd World Petroleum Congress earlier this month.


The current daily natural gas transmission system has a capacity of 190 million cubic metres, with the government planning to increase this to 300 million cubic metres initially, and then by a further 100 cubic metres in the following two years.


In addition, the nation plans to up its natural gas storage capacity to 11 billion cubic metres by 2023, which would make it one of the biggest gas storage countries in the region.


He explained that this is all about improving Turkey’s energy security and bolstering domestic energy resources.


The current focus is on exploring the Mediterranean and Black seas for reserves. “We aim to reveal the gas and oil potential of these seas and want this potential to contribute to the region,” Mr Albayrak asserted.


Gas is expected to become an increasingly important fuel source around the world, as the transport sector becomes more reliant on it. Shell recently revealed that it is considering investing in a global network of LNG hubs to tap into this evolving market.


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