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Motherwell Tank Gauging were very happy to receive Mr. Hassan Goraya of Avanceon, Pakistan.  http://avanceon.ae 


Hassan visited MTG to conduct a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for a 33 tank LPG and condensate storage project.


MTG successfully secured the project against stiff international competition.

The MTG solution includes the MTG 8900d High Accuracy FMCW Radar tank level gauging system.


The MTG solution delivers custody transfer tank gauging.   MTG’s high accuracy 8900d radar level gauges were selected with high precision MTG 3789 average temperature measurement.


The MTG system HMI, DIAMOND, provides high integrity tank farm management for the storage terminal with redundancy, full auditing functionality, alarm and alert management and a comprehensive stock monitoring and reporting system.


30 LPG storage bullet vessels are to be installed with the MTG 2” stillwell radar gauge, high accuracy measurement system.


Using the MTG, hybrid cavity backed spiral antenna with optimised aperture coupling, launching the microwave into circular mode for stillwells to guarantee accuracy even where there is build-up of deposit on the stillwell lining or poor stillwell joints



Avanceon and MTG are equipped to provide solutions to all your Tank Level Gauging and Overfill Prevention System needs.  For further details, please contact:

MTG: sales@motherwelltankgauging.co.uk

Avanceon:  support.sea@avanceon.com