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Public Opinion Of Fracking At All Time Low


People in charge of their overfill prevention systems may be interested to hear that public opinion on fracking is at an all-time low.

The process, which has been linked to earthquakes in areas where it is used, is being pushed by the government who want to utilise our significant gas reserves, but protestors say that the environmental damage caused by the process is too great to justify any of the benefits.  

Some of the areas earmarked for fracking are places of natural beauty, rural areas or even those owned by the National Trust, which has been part of an ongoing row surrounding plans to frack on its land. The disproportionate number of fracking sites in the North of England has also been pointed to by protestors who feel their concerns are being ignored by a London-based Parliament.

A survey by the Business and Energy Department showed 16 per cent supported shale gas extraction, the lowest level since the survey was started five years ago.

Despite this very low public opinion of the process, half of respondents admitted they only knew ‘a little’ about the process.

A Business and Energy Department spokesman said: “We have more than 50 years of drilling experience in the UK and we’d encourage people to look beyond the scaremongering to the benefits that this industry could bring, which include greater energy security, thousands of jobs and economic growth.”

Despite the claim that fracking will bring jobs to areas experiencing low employment, protestors claim that there would be more jobs in renewable energy, with proper investment.