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New Technology Could Make LNG Tanks ‘Ultra-Light’

A new type of shipping tank for LNG and other fuels is in development that could make it possible for a wider range of vessels to transport the fuel around the world.

Bunkerspot reported on the collaboration between ABS, OceanFinance and Scorpius Space Launch Co (SSLC), which is exploring how composite technologies developed for space travel could be used in the LNG shipping sector.

The European Commission has given the project a €1 million grant and it will look at how to make marine fuel designs “lighter and more cost effective” by using these composite technologies.

It’s hoped that this work will be of particular benefit to the short sea shipping sector, the news provider noted.

The composite carbon fibre technology developed for use by the space industry is set to be adapted for marine applications by the SPACE TECH4SEA   scheme.

Managing director of OceanFinance Dr Panayotis Zacharioudakis commented: “This technology is a game-changer product that will unlock latent demand for LNG as marine fuel.”

Markus Rufer, CEO and president of SSLC, told the news provider that composite technology will make LNG “a compelling choice” for those in the marine shipping sector.

“The size and weight of existing technology reduces capacity and increases the need for additional horsepower,” he explained.

A number of nations around the world have been preparing to increase their LNG exports in recent months. Russia recently revealed that its exports of the fuel increased by 63 per cent in the first nine months of this year.

This growth is showing no signs of slowing down after Austrian firm OMV signed an agreement with Gazprom to increase the amount of gas it imports from the country.

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