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Industry Wide Report into Efficient Use Resources


A recent report by the think tank Green Alliance outlines that efficient use of resources is a crucial lever for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The conclusion of the report, entitled "Less In, More Out", identifies that more efficient use of resources would reduce the UKs greenhouse gas emissions by around 150 million tonnes (Mt) of CO2 by 2032.

The authors base this scenario on analysis from the Center for Industrial Energy, Materials and Products (Ciemap) of five key sectors: construction (79.14 Mt), automobile production (28.66 Mt), food and beverages (24.12 Mt), electronics (16.36 Mt), and textiles (6.09 Mt).

According to the Green Alliance, when comparing this potential result to other industry energy targets, such as reduction in vehicle emissions, the efficient use of resources represents the greatest potential for reducing greenhouse gas.

To realise this goal a more circular economy must be developed, as well as use of sustainable materials, such as wood at the expense of steel in construction. To reduce the carbon footprint of automotive production and textiles, the think tank proposes greater importance to be placed on extending the life of products - reducing the use-once-then-throw-away culture. In the same direction, it advocates systematic reuse of electronic equipment and advanced stock management to reduce waste in the food sector.

Owners and operators of petrochemical tanks and wells can also play a major part in reducing waste and lowering cost. Aware that unforeseen errors resulting in the overfilling of a tank or well is inefficient and expensive, many companies see overfill prevention as a priority. With a wise investment in the correct equipment the management of petrochemical resources can be optimised.

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