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Fracking Still Under Attack In Scotland


Automatic tank gauging systems are still in demand but fracking is still under attack in Scotland.

An anti-fracking protest has taken place at Howe Moss Drive in Aberdeen stopping lorries from leaving the yard at ARR Craib.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We are aware of an ongoing protest at Howe Moss Drive in Aberdeen and officers are liaising with the group and business in order to facilitate peaceful and lawful protest.

The protest was designed to stop fracking equipment being moved from ARR Craib in Aberdeen to places such as Yorkshire, Sussex and Surrey, where there are plans to carry out fracking.

There is a moratorium on fracking in Scotland which was announced last summer by the First Minister. The fracking ban was brought in due to public opposition to fracking taking place in Scotland.

There have been some claims that there could be legal challenges to the Scottish Government as it has failed to adequately protect Scottish businesses and is preventing an industry from operating. It is feared there could be knock on effects for many of the refineries in Scotland which handle shale gas.

However, the latest protest has accused the Scottish Government of hypocrisy as they are not stopping fracking taking place in England, where much of this equipment is heading too. 

Protestors point to some of the environmental damage that can be done by fracking which can cause small earth quakes, and can make some homes near to fracking sites unsaleable.