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Fracking Battle Begins Between Ineos & The National Trust


One of the biggest petrochemical manufacturers in the world could soon find itself in a legal tussle with The National Trust over plans to carry out seismic surveys at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire.

Plans for fracking in Sherwood Forest and its outlying areas have drawn criticism in the past because of environmental issues linked to the extraction of shale gas and the potential increase in fossil fuel use, the BBC reports.

And now Ineos has said that the Trust is blocking contact from them and has been doing so for almost a year… which means it’s now thinking about seeking a court order to carry out fracking since it has permission in place from landowners for the survey, which it says is non-invasive.

In a statement, the company commented: “If the National Trust refuses to change its position, Ineos will have no choice but to write to the Oil and Gas Authority, asking for permission to seek a court order enforcing its rights to carry out these surveys on National Trust land.”

The National Trust is against fracking on their land because natural gas is a fossil gas and could affect both the environment and the local landscape. It has now issued a call for nature reserves, national parks and protected wildlife areas to be fracking-free zones – while companies should carry out full environmental assessments for every drilling proposal put forward.

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