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Energy Firms To Be Graded On Customer Satisfaction


Overfill prevention systems are important for any energy company, but so is customer satisfaction.

The Government has suggested that it will name and shame energy suppliers who do not provide adequate customer service to their customers.

A green paper released by the Government on April 10 suggested that customer satisfaction should be prioritised as a goal over price. It has suggested it could bring in a traffic light system that would tackle poor performance, by inviting customers to score their suppliers and collating this performance data.

The Government would then use this data to name and shame poor performers, and also provide a comparison tool to allow customers to make an informed decision when choosing a supplier.

Andrew Tyrie, the former chairman of the Treasury Select Committee and chairman of the Competition and Markets Authority, said: "Making markets work for the benefit of millions of people is what the CMA is all about.”

"In the years ahead, competition can and should be put even closer to the centre of British economic life, reaching to every sector, rooting out monopoly and unfair trading practices, and enhancing Britainís global competitiveness into the bargain."

The paper says that while competition is central to the energy market it is important for customers to be able to seek redress if there are any problems with their service.

It suggests that increased transparency in the market regarding customer satisfaction will improve competition in the sector, which has been criticised for not being competitive enough for customers.