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Samsung Invests In New Equipment For Thai Petrochemical Sites

Samsung Engineering (Thailand) Co Ltd has revealed its plans to invest in new transport and heavy lift works equipment for two petrochemical projects in the country.

Last week, it announced two new contracts with Mammoet for the Map Ta Phut initiatives in the Rayong Province, an area where there are a lot of plans for major infrastructure development.

The first contract is for the Propylene Oxide (PO) project, for which Mammoet_Hydraulic trailers will be used to help transport oversized columns from Map Ta Phut deep sea port to Hemaraj Industrial Estate.

For the second contract, the Mammoet PTC35DS crane will be used for the Olefins Reconfiguration Project (ORP), moving goods from the port to Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, eight kilometres away.

A spokesperson for Mammoet said: “Originally, the client planned to build a bridge over the top of the pipe-rack to enable the columns to be manoeuvred safely to their final destinations. However, this would have taken months of planning, engineering and construction.”

It was added that it would have also provided more risk, cost and complexity to the project.

Using the trailers and crane “requires less engineering preparation than the alternative proposal” and will help reduce costs for Samsung Engineering (Thailand).

The company might find demand for automatic tank gauging systems could be on the rise in Asia over the next few years, as a result of the speed at which its population is growing.

The 39th Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference revealed that Asia (excluding China) will boost its chemical capacity from 137 million tonnes to 153 million tonnes over the next five years in order to meet its growing population figures, IHS Markit recently reported.