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LNG Pipeline In Kerala íTo Be Completed In Timely Mannerí


India could be in the crosshairs of the LNG tank gauging systems market as a new LNG pipeline in Kerala is set to be completed in good time.

The Hindu reported that the chief minister Pimarayi Vijayan confirmed this while responding to an Assembly submission of P Abaidulla last week on the problems being faced by residents of the most populated regions the line passes through.

Vijayan said the work on laying the LNG pipeline is set to be completed in a timely fashion.

He added that the report is being supported across all political parties in India, including the Indian Union Muslim League.

The Indian government has gone to efforts to address all the concerns it has been made aware of, including small land holders.

The pipeline is set to span 1,114 km from Kochi to Kanjirakkode, Mangaluru and Bengaluru, with over 500 km of pipeline being laid in Kerala.

The project was originally approved in 2010 and features a sub-sea installation phase, which will link a sub-sea line to Kayamkulam.

Works were halted in 2013 after the second phase of installation got underway due to opposition from residents along stretches of the proposed line in the Malappuram and Kozhikode districts.

India is not the only major power investing in LNG, as Russia is said to be ready to sell LNG to Saudi Arabia.

Reuters reported last year that President Vladimir Putin is keen to sell Russian gas to Saudi Arabia to preserve oil reserves in the Arabian Gulf.